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Social Security Disability Attorney Louis B. Lusk Discusses Disability Laws

Social Security Disability Attorney Louis B. Lusk Discusses Disability Laws

If you are enduring a severe illness or injury, the last thing on your mind is grappling with the Social Security Administration over the payment of your benefits. Fortunately, by working with an attorney through this process, you can focus on adjusting to life with a disability as opposed to worrying about whether you will receive the benefits you need. Whether you are ready to file your initial claim or recently received a denial, an Atlanta Social Security disability attorney can help you in a friendly and compassionate manner.

Filing Your Initial Application

If you are ready to file your first application, you will need to gather plentiful medical evidence to support your claim. The Social Security Administration will only award benefits if it is clear that you are unable to continue in your current job position directly due to your illness or injury. Your treating physician may submit an affidavit detailing the extent of your limitations, but the SSA will use this as circumstantial evidence only. However, the longer your physician has been working with you and the more involved he is with your medical treatment, the more weight the SSA will give your doctor's opinion.

Facing a Denial

Receiving a denial of benefits is extremely frustrating. However, we encourage you not to give up. If you recently received a denial of benefits letter, an Atlanta social security disability attorney can help you refile your claim within the appropriate deadline and with the necessary paperwork. Many times, an appeal is due within 30 days of your receipt of the denial letter, so do not delay in contacting us as quickly as possible.

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