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Sandra Recommends Louis B. Lusk

Sandra was 48 years old when she was diagnosed with colon cancer. She asked herself, “Am I going to beat this?” She underwent surgery to remove part of her colon and was put on a regimen of chemotherapy. The chemo left her exhausted and unable to perform her job, and she was forced to quit. Unemployed and ill, she applied for social security disability.Her claim was denied. The Social Security Administration stated in their Denial Letter that, while Sandra had been treated for cancer, that it appeared that the cancer was in remission, and that she should (in their opinion) be able to perform some kind of work. She filed an appeal, which was also denied.Sandra then hired me to file a second appeal, called a “Request for Hearing.” I did so and represented her in court at a Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. Sandra testified at the Hearing about her ordeal, how she had lost 40 pounds in a matter of weeks before being diagnosed, and how the chemotherapy left her drained and exhausted. I argued that she was unable to perform her old job, and that there were no jobs in the economy available for her that she could physically perform with her limitations.The Judge found her disabled. Benefits were awarded from the date Sandra lost her job and continuing. In addition, Medicare now pays for her follow up treatment.

– Sandra


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