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National Disabilities Professional Week Hits a Milestone

Posted by Louis B. Lusk | Jun 13, 2013 | 0 Comments

National Disabilities Professional Week Hits a Milestone

The week of June 10-14, 2013 marks the 15th anniversary of National Disabilities Professional Week, according to the National Association of Disability Examiners. The U.S. Social Securities Administration (SSA) employs nearly 65,000 people across the nation working on a range of social security issues, including Social Securities Disabilities (SSD) Insurance. According to, thousands more workers at the state level work in this area as well. Short version of how the process works Briefly, the SSA administers its programs through connections with individual states, creating a process whereby states provide a filter for SSD claims. You can find Georgia's Disability Adjudication Service information at: The steps – and documentation needed – are outlined there. The overall process is outlined in our April 11, 2013 blog post. Why you should you prepare for an SSD claim? The April post outlines the steps on what an individual needs to have prepared for submitting an application, but let's look at why an individual might consider submitting an application. If an individual is unable to work to support themselves, SSD is there to provide resources to keep them from being destitute. SSD is available for those who have paid into the Social Security trust funds. The current political dispute covers the spectrum of those in need to those who take advantage of the system. On one end of the spectrum is the public outcry at abusers to the system. The National Review recently published a list of the worst “fraudsters” of social security disability recipients. At the other end of the spectrum is the SSA themselves touting their success in 2012, able to celebrate that fifteen percent of new hires were veterans with disabilities. What is the take home message? You're either milking the system, or are completely hirable even if you have a disability? Although there are efforts to clean up problems within the SSA system for undeserving recipients, there should be great celebration for those with disabilities who are able to support themselves with gainful employment. And for those who have worked and now have a disability that prevents such work, they deserve the assistance they have been paying towards. What's so important about National Disabilities Professionals Week? Primarily, it is an opportunity to celebrate those who work within the system to provide SSD services to applicants in the program. For the general public, it is an opportunity to raise awareness about whether SSD is a route to pursue if you are subject to a disability that prevents you from being in the workforce. For Social Security Disability Law experts it is an opportunity to connect to the population that may have SSD needs. A two-tiered process, each with multiple steps – and the requirement of providing detailed personal information – is not an easy subject to navigate. You should not have to navigate it alone, nor rely solely on Internet research. If your disability is preventing you from supporting yourself and your family, contact our SSD attorney to start your process. Successfully navigating through – and getting into – the SSD system is part of the celebration of National Disabilities Professional Week. Let us help you navigate the SSD process to obtain the benefits you have already paid for. See Related Posts: SSD Insolvency? Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance

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