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Finding of Disabled

Posted by Louis B. Lusk | Apr 16, 2014 | 0 Comments

Finding of Disabled

Decatur Social Security disability attorney

As you go through the process of applying for Social Security disability benefits, a Decatur Social Security disability attorney can explain important aspects related to the application process. One such topic is how the Social Security Administration finds a person disabled. Listing of Impairments One method that the SSA can use to classify a person as disabled is finding the applicant to be under the Listing of Impairments. The list includes common physical and mental impairments. Some individuals have the specific impairment listed. However, many other individuals have impairments that “equal the Listings” and qualify for benefits because of this. Having an impairment that is listed here calls for an immediate determination of disability. Falling under one of these impairments gets rid of the need to determine whether the applicant is able to perform past relevant work.

Considerations for Falling Under the Listings A Decatur Social Security disability attorney can explain that the SSA determines whether a person meets the Listings based on medical fact more than medical opinion. Therefore, the opinion of a treating doctor provides some medical evidence, but it is not conclusive. In order to find that an applicant falls under the Listings, the SSA will see if the applicant's findings match up to those in the Listings. The doctor may have to have special expertise to provide evidence that the applicant has an impairment equals the Listings. However, the administrative law judge considers any medical opinion that is well-supported regarding the applicant's alleged impairments.

Medical-Vocational Guidelines If the applicant does not have an impairment listed under the applicable impairments, a Decatur Social Security disability attorney can explain the Medical-Vocational Guidelines. This determination requires assessing whether the applicant is able to perform any past relevant work. Additionally, education, work experience, age and residual functional capacity are considered in this determination.

Legal Assistance A Decatur Social Security disability lawyer can assist applicants with the process of acquiring Social Security disability benefits. He or she can explain the various methods that the Social Security Administration can find a person is disabled. Contact Decatur Social Security disability lawyer Louis Lusk at 404-250-7000.

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