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How to Explain Problems Sitting to a Judge in a Social Security Disability Hearing

Posted by Louis B. Lusk | Sep 04, 2014 | 0 Comments

How to Explain Problems Sitting to a Judge in a Social Security Disability Hearing

Decatur Social Security disability attorney

Clients of a Decatur social security disability lawyer frequently ask how to explain problems with sitting to a judge in a disability hearing.

A Decatur Social Security Disability Attorney Will Tell a Client How to Explain Issues with Sitting to a Judge

An example of how to answer the judge is the following:

Judge: For how long are you able to sit?

Claimant: Judge, if I have to, I can sit for perhaps an hour. After that, I'll need to go home and rest. I'll be useless for the remainder of the day. If I have things to do at home such as paying my bills, I can sit for approximately 20 minutes before I have to walk around for 15 or so minutes. Then I can sit again. If I had a job in which I was forced to shift between standing, sitting and walking, I would have trouble lasting a day. It helps for me to have a recliner to sit in so I can raise my legs, but it's hard to be productive in that position.

When speaking about the problems sitting, it is useful to explain what has to be done after sitting for a certain period. Are you able to sit, stand and walk for a time and then go back to sitting? Are you able to sit and stand in an alternating fashion without it affecting you negatively? If you need to take a walk after sitting, how long does it have to be? Many jobs provide breaks after a few hours. Would you need more than that? Your attorney or the judge might ask how much time would need to be spent resting in a normal, eight hour workday.

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