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How Disability Lawyers in Atlanta GA Advise Clients on Answering Questions About Sitting

Posted by Louis B. Lusk | Nov 26, 2015 | 0 Comments

How Disability Lawyers in Atlanta GA Advise Clients on Answering Questions About Sitting

 Disability Lawyers in Atlanta GAYour disability lawyers in Atlanta GA will give you advice on how to effectively answer questions about being able to sit at work.

Understanding Your Limitations When Sitting

Your disability lawyers in Atlanta GA will tell you that in order to fully explain the difficulty in sitting, the following example is useful

Judge: For how long are you able to sit?

Claimant: I will be able to sit for approximately an hour if I force myself. Afterwards, I will need to return home and lie down. I will be useless for the remainder of the day. When engaging in certain activities in the home such as paying my bills, I am able to sit for around 20 minutes straight. Then I will have to take a walk for another 15 to 20 minutes before I can sit down again. Sitting is problematic for my back. It is better if I am able to sit in my recliner and elevate my legs. In that situation, I am able to sit for an extended period. From that position, I have trouble paying my bills. When paying bills, I usually sit at my kitchen table.

What Information to Share with the Judge

It can help to give the judge information about what you will need to do after you have been seated for a certain period. Are you able to sit for a time and then stand, stretch, and return to the seated position to get back to work? Are you able to go back and forth between sitting and standing? Will you need to walk around after a period of time standing or sitting in a single place? If that is the case, how frequently will you need to do so? The majority of jobs provide employees with breaks every few hours. Will you need breaks in excess to what is normal? What will you need to do on these breaks? Do you need to sit? Walk around? Sit in a reclined position? Lie down? How often would you need these breaks during the course of a day? You might be asked to give an estimation of how long you will need to sit over the course of a normal workday. The judge will need to have an idea as to how long you can sit during those conventional eight hours of work even if it is of short duration. You will have to consider this before the hearing so your estimate is realistic. The judge will also need to know the same information about standing.

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