Long Term Disability


Atlanta Disability LawyerSome of my clients who are applying for social security disability benefits ask me about whether they may also qualify for long term disability, while other clients have already received or are currently receiving long term disability benefits.

Long term disability insurance coverage generally provides coverage to individuals who are disabled for more than six months. People can get long term disability coverage by purchasing a private, individual policy, or by participating in an employer–provided employee benefits package.

Disabled people eligible for these benefits may receive up to 80 percent of their wages in benefits. The duration of the coverage varies according to the terms of the policy. Some long term disability policies provide coverage for three years, while others may provide coverage all the way up to the recipient’s 65th birthday.

Our Atlanta disability lawyer understands most long term disability insurance contracts require that the beneficiaries apply for social security disability benefits (SSDI). This is because the benefits a disabled individual receives from social security are deducted from the amount the long term disability insurer is required to pay.

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