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If you are attempting to receiving Social Security disability benefits, it is best to first consult with at disability attorney. If you have already filed a claim for Social Security, then your disability attorney has probably recommended that you keep a daily journal to help document the pain and the symptoms you are experiencing.

Reasons for a Journal

When you are at your disability hearing for your claim, you will be required to describe your pain and symptoms to the judge. The judge will want to know about your condition, the pain and symptoms that you experience, how intense that pain is, and how that affects your life. Typically, it takes a few months before your case is brought to a hearing. It can be hard to remember your day-to-day life after time has passed. Keeping a daily journal will not only help keep record of how you felt each day, but it can also help your attorney build a stronger case for your disability claim. Not only can your journal help your legal case, but it may even help your medical professional be able to treat your pain and symptoms more effectively. In your daily journal you should keep track of the following:

  • What kind of pain and how long it lasted.
  • Keep track of how intense your pain was.
  • What you used for your pain and how effective it was.
  • Your sleep patterns and how often you wake during the night because of pain.
  • How tired you are during the day and how long it takes to recover.
  • What medications you take and how they effect your pain.
  • List all the activities you are no longer able to do because of your pain.

Contact a Disability Attorney

For experienced and professional help with your case, contact your local disability attorney today from the Law Office of Louis B. Lusk at (404) 250-7000. The Law Office of Louis B. Lusk is the disability attorney that will help you fight for the best possible outcome in your disability case.

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