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The Social Security Listing Of Impairments and Meeting or Equaling It

A Decatur Social Security disability attorney can explain what it means to meet or equal a listing under the Social Security Listing of Impairments.

What Meeting a Listing Means

There is a listing that has comprehensive medical requirements that describe how severe your condition must be to receive a declaration of being unable to work. A doctor will have to examine the medical information, compare it to the listing, and evaluate if you fulfill the requirements. Your condition will need to be severe enough and last long enough to be disabled. If the condition meets the criteria of a listing, you will then be disabled according to the Social Security Administration. If this were not the case, it would be necessary to move forward with the subsequent two steps of the sequential evaluation process.

What It Means to Equal a Listing

There are certain conditions that might render you unable to work, but it's possible that they are not present on the listings. The SSA is aware of this. Because of that, they will decide that you have met a listing if you have a condition that is “equal” to the conditions listed. Your impairment can equal a listing in the following four ways:

  • You have an impairment and its medical conditions and symptoms do not match what is on the listing, but you are suffering from other conditions or have symptoms that are not listed.
  • You are suffering from an impairment that is consistent with the necessary medical conditions and symptoms, but they are not of sufficient severity to meet the requirement on the listing. You can equal the listing if you have other symptoms or conditions that are not listed.
  • Your impairment is not part of the listings, but you have an impairment that is equally as severe as one that is on the listings.
  • You are not suffering from a specific impairment, but have a combination of impairments. This combination can be enough to meet the severity requirements.

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