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Debunking Social Security Disability Myths

Posted by Louis B. Lusk | Apr 26, 2010 | 0 Comments

Debunking Social Security Disability Myths

As with any complex and frustrating government process, the Social Security disability benefit claims process has become subject to a variety of untruths and misconceptions. In fact, these myths can ultimately scare off some potential claimants, even when they have an obvious need for benefits. Avoid being scared away from the Social Security disability benefits you deserve by finding out the truth behind the myths. One large misconception is that the Social Security Administration (SSA) rejects everyone the first time they apply for benefits. This is a widely held belief, probably due to the large percentage of claims that are denied from the first application, but there is absolutely no policy in place that makes this distinction. Another version of this myth implies that your application must be denied a certain number of times before it can be accepted. This is simply not the case. The myth is perpetuated by claimants who do not understand the application process. If the first application is denied, the applicant should not submit an entirely new application, they should make an appeal. New applications undergo an initial review and decision process by the SSA, but appeals allow claimants to employ legal counsel and put their claim in front of a judge. If an applicant repeatedly submits new applications, they never get past the initial SSA review. Furthermore, many claimants assume that they will not be able to work once they are receiving Social Security disability benefits. While there are limitations regarding how much a recipient can earn per month (known as the substantial gainful activity amount), there are no policies prohibiting work altogether. You will not be able to earn a great deal of money on the side, but employment is possible. This short blog entry is not exhaustive, so you will want to be vigilant about separating fact from fiction as you navigate the claims process. The SSA–or a knowledgeable Social Security disability lawyer–can help you discover the truth about any questions or concerns you may have.

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