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Common Questions From Medical Professionals About Testifying

Posted by Louis B. Lusk | Dec 04, 2014 | 0 Comments

Common Questions From Medical Professionals About Testifying

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Medical professionals are often called upon to testify in Social Security disability cases. They sometimes have questions about what to say on the stand in order to ensure that they do not damage their patient's case. Our Atlanta Social Security disability attorney offers several tips for doctors and other professionals.

Jeopardizing Case Status

If they are worried about saying the wrong thing and giving their patient too much credit, they need to understand more about how the Social Security Administration determines eligibility. A person does not have to be homebound to qualify for benefits. On the other hand, the doctor should not embellish the severity of the person's disabilities because the administrative law judge might not take the physician's testimony seriously. If they want further clarification, they should call the person's lawyer for additional information.

Questioning the Person's Ability to Work

In some cases, the doctor might believe that their patient could hold down a full-time job. They wonder if they should still complete the documentation. They can discuss their concerns with the person's attorney. When someone is over the age of 50, the person might be able to work but could still qualify for disability, due, in part, to their age. They might face mental impairments that also affect their case.

Talk to an Atlanta Social Security Disability Lawyer

If your doctor or physician has questions about your case and qualifying for benefits, contact our Atlanta Social Security disability lawyer. At the Law Office of Louis B. Lusk, we are available to address your concerns at 404-250-7000.

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