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Get All the Social Security Disability Benefits You Deserve

You worked hard over the years. Out of each paycheck your employer withheld some of your wages. Some of these withheld earnings went towards Social Security disability insurance. 

You get sick, too sick to work. You apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. Remember, you paid into the system all these years, and if you are truly disabled you deserve these benefits.

You receive a letter from Social Security denying your claim! You are disappointed, confused and maybe even a little angry. You would work if you could, but your health problems don't allow it. What are your options?    

You have a right to appeal the first denial

You have a legal right to appeal the Denial. This appeal is called a "Request for Reconsideration". A new adjudicator from Social Security is assigned to your claim, and he or she will take a fresh look at your case. Unfortunately, most appeals at this level are denied. If you get a denial of the Request for Reconsideration you can file another appeal.

You Have a Right to Appeal the Second Denial and Go To Court

If your first appeal is denied you have a right to a second appeal, called a "Request for Hearing". Your case will be transferred to the Office of Hearings Operations (O.H.O) and An Administrative Law Judge will be assigned to your case. A Hearing date will be scheduled, at which time you are allowed to testify. It is at this level of the process that you have the greatest chance of winning your claim, especially when you are represented by an attorney. In fact, an experienced disability attorney can make the difference between winning and losing your case.

When Should You Hire an Attorney?

In my opinion, you should hire an attorney only after receiving a Denial letter from Social Security. Others believe it's best to hire representation at the initial application level, but in my experience it is not necessary. The initial application process is fairly straightforward; it is at the appeals level that legal representation is most needed. 

Why Consider Hiring Louis B. Lusk?

Social Security disability law is all I do. I have won thousands of Social Security disability appeals. I deal with Social Security all day, every day. I know exactly what Social Security is looking for and I know what it takes to win. I personally work each case I take, and I keep my clients informed every step of the way.

Important: you only have a limited time to file an appeal. Therefore, please contact me as soon as possible after you get turned down. My number is (800) 407-1516.

How Much Does Louis B. Lusk Charge for an Attorney Fee?

You pay nothing up front, and I do not charge anything for my services unless I win your claim and you receive back benefits. In that case, Social Security will pay me 25% of the past due benefits. You keep 100% of ongoing benefits. Unlike other types of claims where the attorney's contingent fee can vary, SSDI attorney fees are capped by law. 

What Is My Next step?

Call me at (800) 407-1516 for a free consultation, or fill out the Contact form on this page. If I take your case I will send you a few forms to sign and return to me. I will then set up your file and get to work!


If you have been turned down for Social Security disability call me at 1 (800) 407-1516. I look forward to hearing from you.