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Atlanta Disability Lawyer male doctor talking with handicapped senior womanIt is common for the Social Security Administration to ask the treating doctors of disability claimants for more information about their patient’s impairment and ability to perform work-related activity. You and your Atlanta disability lawyer may want to give your doctor a heads up that such information may be requested while you go through the Social Security disability claims process. Here are some questions you might have regarding this process.

  • Why does my doctor’s opinion matter?
  • Why is it not enough to just submit my reports and records?

The medical professional who is most able to provide a comprehensive longitudinal view of a claimant’s medical impairment is the treating doctor. As such, the SSA will likely be interested in what the doctor has to say after treating the claimant’s impairment. The doctor might have a certain perspective about the claimant’s condition which is not conveyed by the test results or medical records from individual sessions. The doctor’s opinion therefore gets some special consideration.

What Does the SSA Need from My Doctor?

The SSA may ask several questions to your treating doctor regarding your disability. They may ask about your impairment’s severity, extent, and duration as far as the doctor has been treating it. The SSA might also ask for your doctor’s opinion about the effectiveness of any treatment you have undergone and any side effects that have resented, as well as how long and how severely the impairment is expected to restrict you. Specifically, the SSA is interested in answering the question about your ability to perform work-related activity in a sustained manner for a full workday and a full workweek. Anything your doctor can say about your ability to perform such work will help the SSA reach an accurate conclusion, as your Atlanta disability lawyer will tell you.

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