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Disability Lawyer Louis B. Lusk Dicusses Disability Evidence

Posted by Louis B. Lusk | Jan 14, 2016 | 0 Comments

Disability Lawyer Louis B. Lusk Dicusses Disability Evidence

Atlanta Disability LawyerWhat evidence do you need to prove you are disabled? You should remember that the Social Security Administration relies primarily on four types of evidence when determining whether you are disabled. Make sure you review each of these types of evidence with disability lawyers in Atlanta GA so you can prepare to show the Social Security Administration that you truly cannot work. The four types of evidence are your medical records, opinions from your doctors, your own statements, and statements from other people who know you.

Medical Records

Your medical records are very important. They provide proof to the social security administration that you have a medically determinable impairment. This is a requirement for obtaining benefits. Alone, your medical records may even be sufficient to prove you are disabled if your condition is especially severe. In cases where medical records are insufficient to prove you are disabled, they can still substantiate your statements about your symptoms and limitations.

Opinions from Your Doctors

Your doctors may submit reports of their own to the Social Security Administration. These reports may offer opinions on your prognosis, diagnosis, treatment and limitations. These reports can be very influential. In some cases, they may be controlling, which means the Social Security Administration must adopt a doctor's opinion if it meets certain requirements.

Your Own Statements

The Social Security Administration will consider what you say about your pain and other symptoms. The administration will want to hear how they affect your activities and ability to work. This includes what you write on your paperwork and what you say to doctors who treat you.

Statements From People Who Know You

Finally, statements from people who are familiar with how your condition affects you may help your claim. These statements can be submitted in letters or in live testimony at your hearing. Statements may be required of friends, family, co-workers and supervisors.

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