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5 Ways an Attorney Can Help With Your Disability Claim

Posted by Louis B. Lusk | Oct 14, 2010 | 0 Comments

5 Ways an Attorney Can Help With Your Disability Claim

5 Ways an Attorney Can Help You with Your Social Security Disability Claim It's a well-known fact that unrepresented claimants filing for Social Security disability benefits are less likely to win their cases. So, if you're planning to file a Social Security Disability claim, don't go it alone. Here are 5 ways that an attorney who is familiar with Social Security rules and regulations can help you through the process. 1. Properly develop your case Attorneys who specialize in Social Security Disability claims have several years of experience developing cases like yours. An attorney will ensure that your case has the best chance of winning by determining how to tell your story in an effective way, obtaining detailed statements from your physicians, and gathering medical records. 2. Help you complete paperwork One of the most common reasons why Social Security disability applications are delayed or denied is because of incomplete, missing, or incorrect paperwork. An attorney will ensure that all of the necessary paperwork is filled out properly. 3. Guide you through the entire process Without guidance, applying for Social Security disability benefits can be a frustrating experience. An attorney will guide you through the process, helping you fill out forms, file appeals, and obtain medical records, among other tasks. 4. Obtain key pieces of evidence In order to increase your chances of winning a Social Security disability case, you must obtain key pieces of evidence that demonstrate your disability. An attorney will obtain your doctors' treatment records, as well detailed statements from your doctors regarding your medical condition and functional limitations. 5. Represent you at the hearing An attorney will represent you at the administrative hearing and explain to the judge why your impairment prevents you from working. Furthermore, an attorney will prepare you beforehand to answer questions that the judge is likely to ask you at the hearing. Although hiring an attorney to file your Social Security disability claim is not a requirement, an attorney will take several steps to vastly increase your chances of winning. Attending your hearing unrepresented is not wise because you could lose the opportunity to receive disability benefits.

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